FeΩΩatic Tips

This page for conversations about solving Forrest Fenn’s poem.

My cryptic tips may not give the answer outright but they can help you to solve his puzzle.

  1. The map in Too Far To Walk is missing one clue and marks the location of the treasure.
  2. You put in your car and drive.
  3. The maps go from the back to the front of TTOTC, you need them once you find the wood.
  4. The wood is the word wood like a pilot would see on the ground.
  5. Objects from his stories can be found in the wood.
  6. Skippy’s car was removed from the wood, so you won’t find it.
  7. Harvey is the invisible rabbit hidden in the wood.
  8. You had to be brave to ride with Skippy in the woods and worth the cold.